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A quick taste of English Medieval Art

We were over in Norfolk recently.  We love this corner of England - the big open seascapes of the North Norfolk Coast are absolutely captivating. The villages along the coastline may be peaceful backwaters today - but rewind 500 years and more, and these...

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Chatsworth – being part of the picture

They’re an innovative lot, these Cavendish’s – Derbyshire’s dynasty of the Dukes of Devonshire. Everyone had to keep his or her belts tightened for a good few years after 1945.  For Britain’s land-owning aristocrats, austerity came calling like an Angel of Death...

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About Pelago

Stuart and Rachel Gillis, directors and co-founders of Pelago Travel Ltd on the ideas and motivations that lie behind their new enterprise.

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Vesuvius in Derbyshire

Pelago Director Stuart Gillis on connections between landscape and art. The ideas in this journal entry will be explored in our 2018 Making of History tour ‘Industry & Landscape”.

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Ballidon, Easter 2017

Pelago Director Stuart Gillis on a day out in Ballidon, de-coding stories from the landscape and buildings of this corner of Derbyshire.

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