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Why Buy a BritRail Pass?

A BritRail Pass is the perfect way for international visitors to travel by train in Britain. You can’t buy Passes in Britain, so buy them before you travel.  You can only buy a BritRail Pass if you are not a UK resident.

With a Pass you can take unlimited train journeys in Britain – hop on and off when you like. There are various types of Pass in the BritRail range. The full BritRail Pass covers England, Wales and Scotland.  They are available with Flexible and Consecutive durations, and for various numbers of days.  You can buy a Pass for Standard Class or First Class travel and there are discounts for seniors (60 years plus) and children and young people.

Britain has an extensive rail network. We think the BritRail Pass is brilliant for the fast, mainline routes. We designed the Great British Explorer Tour – 4 night, small goup, coach tours – to work hand-in-hand with your BritRail Pass and get you deeper into the best landscapes.

There’s a bonus. BritRail GB Passes allow  travel on sleeper trains. The Caledonian Sleeper (London to Scotland) and the Night Riviera (London to Penzance, Cornwall) keep the romance of train travel alive. You’ll only need to make a reservation for a sleeping berth in advance.

If you only want to do a small number of short trips, you may not need the BritRail Pass. You can check routes and prices on But if you want to cover distance quickly, be spontaeous or make several journeys, then the Flexi BritRail Pass makes train travel easy and great value.

The further you travel, the more you discover, the better the value – with a BritRail Pass.


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