Stuart and Rachel Gillis, directors and co-founders of Pelago Travel Ltd on the ideas and motivations that lie behind their company.

Lincoln Cathedral – for many centuries the tallest building in the world

We set up Pelago because we’ve got an idea – a little old-fashioned, but perhaps worthy of a re-boot – that travel should be a force for good.  We thought about this simple, powerful message after listening to some colleagues in America.  Sometimes straight forward optimism is easy to overlook.  But this time the idea hit home. 

We live on the archipelago – hence our name Pelago – of a thousand and more rocky outcrops that is the British Isles.  We set up Pelago Travel to help people visit, explore, and find their own connection to these places.  Everything Pelago does is about sharing delight in the many landscapes, histories and cultures of these lands. The British Isles really do have extraordinary diversity.  It’s in the rocks – where complex geology, with the actions of water, wind and ice casts the landscapes; frames their scope to be changed though farming of the top-soils; and plants the mineral potential for extraction, building, burning, separating, smelting, melting, moulding and making.

It stems from the 25,000 miles of coastline that adds wildness and constant variety, whilst affirming the dual nature of every island – to be both separate and connected by the great expanse of the sea. And it comes from the impact of the peoples who have made these lands their own over the last 30,000 years:  carrying beliefs; blending traditions; sparking ideas; creating an infinite complexity of cultures that fold over each other – that at times come together, at times stand apart.

Ailsa Craig, off the western coast of Scotland

We’ve set up our company, because we love to explore and share the stories of these islands.   We hope you will join us on one of our journeys of exploration into the archipelago of the British Isles.

Stuart & Rachel Gillis, Directors and Co-Founders, Pelago Travel Ltd.

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