We were over in Norfolk recently.  We love this corner of England – the big open seascapes of the North Norfolk Coast are absolutely captivating.

The villages along the coastline may be peaceful backwaters today – but rewind 500 years and more, and these were thriving ports – connecting Norfolk and England to Scandinavia, the Baltic, the Netherlands, France, Spain, even to the Eastern Mediterranean.  Ports weren’t just for trading goods, they were gateways for the exchange of ideas, beliefs, technology and art.

Evidence survives today in the form of St Margaret’s Church, Cley-next-the-Sea. This delightful church glows with the creativity that was shared across Europe in the centuries before the English Reformation.

We hope you like this little video – and a short mention to Richard, who you will meet at the end. People like Richard are really keen to share a special heritage that’s been treasured by local people for so long.  We’ll look in on Richard and St Margaret’s in 2018 – either as part of our East Anglia Tour (a Great British Explorer Tour) or our Landscapes of Medieval Art Tour (a Making of History Tour).

Please share or let us know what you think – and we’d love to help you get the very best from your own British travels.

Best wishes

Stuart Gillis at Cley Church for Pelago Travel (1) from Stuart Gillis on Vimeo.

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